Urban LivingPicture is an innovative vertical planting solution developed by Dutch manufacturer Mobilane based on their years of experience of planted green walls. Think of it as a small indoor garden which, instead of plants in boring pots on a window sill, is vertically arranged with the plants planted in a vertical cassette which contains pockets. The cassette is surrounded by a decorative frame which also contains a water reservoir giving at least six weeks’ water supply.

What is Urban LivePicture?

Anywhere where there is a wall or vertical surface. In the hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, conservatory, study or bedroom. All indoor plants naturally need light and warmth, and we have provided a selection of planting schemes which should generally be happy in the average home. But as with all plants, you will need to make sure the particular plants in your scheme are enjoying the particular levels of light, temperature and humidity they need, and if not, you can easily replace plants which are not thriving well.

Where can I put Urban LivePicture in my home?

Surprisingly easily! Your Urban LivingPicture will come preplanted with the planting scheme of your choice, and all you really will need do to is to make sure there is water in the reservoir – there is a clever little indicator which shows when you need to top this up. But, like all plants within homes, you cannot always be sure if the light, humidity and temperature is always going to be suitable – and some replanting along the way may be required until your particular collection is happy and thriving. Click here for the Urban LivingPicture Owner’s Manual.

How do I maintain my Urban LivePicture?

When you click Shop, this will all become clear. Firstly, you need to decide the size of your Urban LivingPicture – there are five sizes to choose from. Then you select your frame color. And finally you select your choice of planting scheme. And if you want something which is not shown, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help! Click here to go to our Shop.

What design options are there for Urban LivePicture?

Yes you can! We have installations of demonstration Urban LivingPictures in many locations around London, often in convenient places like a cafe or wine bar, where you can not only look at the Urban LivingPicture but enjoy a drink! When you visit an installation, make sure you point your phone at the QR code and click on it - this will not only give you a special offer when you order with us online, but will also reward the installation host - so everyone wins! Click here for our map of locations.

Can I see a Urban LivePicture before I buy one?

We have an online store where you can configure your own Urban LivingPicture in terms of size, frame and planting scheme, see what it will look like (when fully grown – this will take a season to achieve), and what the price is. We sell throughout the UK but free delivery and installation generally limited to within South East England. But please contact us to discuss this and we can see how we can assist you! Click here to go to our Shop.

How do I buy a Urban LivePicture for my home?

Installing Urban LivingPicture is just about as simple as hanging a picture on a wall. There are a few things to look out for, such as buried cables or pipes, and you will need to make sure that your wall can support the weight. But if you’re unsure, we can install your Urban LivingPicture for you when we deliver it. Click here to see a video about Urban LivingPicture installation.

How do I install Urban LivePicture on the wall?

Caring for your Urban LivingPicture is exactly the same as looking after pot plants. You will need to make sure the particular plants in your scheme are enjoying the particular levels of lights, temperature and humidity they need, and if not, you can easily replace plants which are not thriving well. You can order different plants in pots specifically sized for the cassette in our Shop. Watering is much easier than pot plants as Urban LivingPicture comes with its own automatic watering system, so you need not bother to water for up to six weeks’ at a time! Just remember, when you receive your Urban LivingPicture, it will take a little time before the plants are fully grown and cover the cassette like we show in our pictures. Click here to see how you can easily replant selected plants in a cassette.

What about after care of my LivePicture?

Just email us and ask – we’re here to help! Click here for our contact form.

What if I have a question not answered here?

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